A story that could have gone really bad

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As I was leaving the hostel and the lovely people I had met, the situation became complicated. Jakarta’s roads are a real nightmare, and every way out of the city was blocked. I took me all morning to get away … Continued

From an island to the other

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The place where I spent the last 2 nights was heavenly beautiful and a famous surfing spot. I met very nice people who came here to catch some waves. On my last night, as I was sorting out my stuff … Continued

A little hand… Please ?

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As this new day began, I had to make a decision : going to see another lake and crossing the famous 44 corners pass to get there, or going directly to my next destination, Sungai Penuh. I chose to give … Continued

2 Frenchies in Sumatra

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On the road to Lake Toba, I met a local priest with whom I had a long and interesting discussion about Indonesia and its different religions. He opened my eyes to the difficulty for Christians to stand out against the … Continued

The Man and the Chicken

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I left the next morning from Crab Island just before 9 to Port Klang, where my motorcycle was waiting for me. I drove to the terminal where ferries leave for Indonesia and tried my luck again: “Hello, I would like … Continued