Creation of the Association – Beginning of the project

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Here we go.

I have been to a great amount of countries around the world, and I am not going to stop.

I have lived and worked in Australia for 2 years, a few months in Mexico, I have wandered around South-East Asia, visited North America, and most of Europe. It is now time to give back to the community.

This is why I decided, at the age of 23, to finally start acting for a real humanitarian cause. And what could be more beautiful than mixing my love of long distance travels and motorcycles with the desire to help children in Indonesia ! With a lot of excitement, and long months of thinking, I finally decide to create : Distance For A Chance.

The start is a bit harder than I thought, and the incredible amount of things I have to think about to be ready goes up every single day. The more I look around on forums, the more I get to learn about visas, costs, or potential mechanical issues that I might be encountering on the road… But the deeply rooted idea is right there, in my mind, and I will not let it go !

A lot of preparation, for long months of happiness and adventures, with a rewarding end that will serve a noble cause. That, my friends, is Distance For A Chance.


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