“Errare Humanum Est”

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“To err is human”, and being able to accept it raises the spirit.

The project is making progress, and the research for sponsors is evolving with it.

However, I have to go back to one of the project’s key points, and finally listen to that thought that my ego’s been trying to bury deep inside.

The motorcycle, initially chosen for this project just doesn’t fit. Technically speaking, it won’t be able to handle the distance that was planned for it. The fairings are weak and fragile, and are to numerous to allow an easy access to sensitive parts. The stability is questionable, and driving could get a bit tricky. More importantly, I have a really bad feeling about it. I have had that sort of feeling before, and I never got it wrong. Therefore, I chose to let go of this motorcycle, and go for another one instead :

A pure beauty. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the ad on the internet. BMW, 42’000 kms. A pretty German, simple and durable, able to handle long distances. I did not know anything about the K100RS1 until then, but after some research, I knew it would be THE one. We went to see it around Annecy, and the trial run only confirmed what I already felt. A perfect osmosis. A superb motorcycle. MY motorcycle.


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