Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to work I go.. NOT.

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Freedom. That sweet sensation. Pleasant awakening, pleasant sleep. The most addictive drug of them all.

After a year of devotion and commitment, it is now time to pack up my last things and say goodbye to all my colleagues.

I never expected that so many people would have played such a role in my life. With a bit of sadness, but also a lot of joy in my heart, it is time to say goodbye to each other around the coffee machine. They are all here. I get an envelope full of donations for the Association, as well as a scarf on which everybody took the time to write a little thought for me !

Thank you very much for the support, for this year, for your smiles.

It is now time to put my head 100% in the project ! I now have the time for it. And definitely the desire. Let’s do this !


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