Welcome to the Project section of the website.

The project is to organize a long solo motorcycle trip to Indonesia in order to collect sponsors and donations all along the way and being able to help the poorest children in Indonesia.

We would like you to know that the money raised will go directly towards the charity project and will not be used for the motorcycle trip.

It is not a static project, and will evolve during the course of the adventure. Here are the main lines of this project :

Indonesia is a country with great potential, and plays an important role in the global economy. Its growth is increasing every year, and industries are becoming more and more active there. But it is still a country that remains under development, with very low average wages, and conditions not always easy to live with. A lot of people live with very little means, and a lot of children are forced to work young and sleep in the streets. We aim to form connections with local organizations to help these children improve these difficult living conditions.


The means put in place to collect donations will be varied, and will evolve during the journey : organization of events on the way, active fundraising in the streets, contacts with local medias etc.

The most important idea of this trip and this Association is the culmination of the project. It is very important for us to know that the money raised will actually serve a real cause, and this is why we want to have on-site monitoring of the progress and actually volunteer for the local associations and their own project in order to know what they really need.