spot2_prodpageSpot Messenger GPS Tracker 

In order to leave for a long journey, you have to be prepared. And one of the aspects of being prepared is the possibility of communicating and letting people know that you are OK from anywhere in the world. This is what this Spot Messenger GPS tracker is all for. It can and will send regular information about localization, which will be automatically uploaded on the map available in the Roadmap section, and offers also the possibility to send SMS / emails in case of emergency. ESSENTIAL.

Sena Prism Camera offered by our sponsor :

This simply is an incredible device. This camera is honestly at least as good as a GoPro, but specially made for bikers. Different shooting programs are available: Simple video (with or without wide angle), Photo, Time-lapse, Burst shot, etc…
The accessories supplied in the box are numerous and can be used in many different situations: suction cups, handlebar holders, side and top helmet holders, fully submersible case, and much more!
The video can be set directly from the Sena Bluetooth headset. The battery lasts a good amount of time, and the design is superb.
2 small negatives: like the GoPro, is hasn’t got an image stabilizer which can make it hard to take some shots, and no display to check the angle or see what you’ve shot. But the wide angle usually makes up for it.

20S_19-mainSena 20S Bluetooth Headset offered by our sponsor :

This headset is very handy and useful, once you understood all the buttons and functions, and programmed everything you have to. It is linkable by Bluetooth to the mobile phone, the GPS system, the Sena Prism camera, and other headsets.
It has FM radio, can make phone calls, start the camera, record the voice with the different microphones provided, and much more! It only takes little space, and it is very comfortable. A must-have!

zumo390_dteGarmin Zumo 310LM GPS 

A GPS made for motorcycles, with easy installation system, and a cartography that can be very complete for whoever knows where to look for.
Big plus: you can keep a service manual and know for example the distance traveled since the last time you changed your spark plugs.

CompeGPS-TwoNav-Anima-1TwoNav Anima Offroad GPS offered by our sponsor : 


This GPS device will mainly be used in rural zones. It also can be set to take you on treks, off-road rides, etc.

45k2040s1Powermonkey eXtreme solar charger offered by our sponsor :


Entirely waterproof, this solar charger has 2 main parts : 1 solar captor unit that allows to recharge any device through USB or usual connections using solar power, and 1 large battery that can be recharged by the solar captor, basic wall plug, or USB cable. That battery can also charge any device. 9000 mAh capacity, which is way more than any emergency battery available in electronics stores.