’90 BMW K100RS Motorcycle Untitled

 A little beauty, in great condition, and can definitely handle very long distance.
It has 43’000 kms, 4 cylinders for 16 valves, and an ABS system.

 iXS Pacific Boots discounted by our sponsor :


 An important part of the gear, these half boots are great for long distances, as well as cold and rain. Great protection, they maintain a good temperature and help reduce the feeling of vibrations that you can get after a long day.


Shiro SH-3700 R-15 Helmet discounted by our sponsor : 


For a cheap sport helmet, it is however of very good facture. It is comfortable to wear and has a sun visor.

Steev Chicago 2013 Gloves offered by our sponsor :

Half-season Clover MS-02 gloves discounted by our sponsor :


A pair of gloves to keep me warm and protect against the rain. The other pair is when the temperature gets too hot.


IXON Summit Pants discounted by our sponsor :


These pants are just great when it gets cold. It keeps your legs really warm, and also has a lining that you can take off if it really gets too hot. Another pair of pants is still recommendable for hot temperatures.

Spyke MX 80 Motorcycle Jacket

This is a remnant of my previous motorcycle trips : this jacket offers a really good protection against pretty much everything. It has a removable lining in case of hot temperatures.

Firefox Raptor short boots offered by our rider friend :

Roland Christophe Beloud

Because temperature is an important factor in this journey, I had to chose smaller and more breathable shoes, as well as the taller ones. A special thanks to Roland for participating by donating these brand new shoes, as well a puncture kit !